A team of creative women with complimentary talents and a love for good design


“What does 23rd [and Fourth] stand for?”

When confronted with the ever-daunting task of naming a business we were stumped. How does one choose their defining title for the foreseeable future without at least having a minor bit of panic sneak in? They don’t. It was a long process that in the end landed us right where we started, quite literally.

As a mother-daughter duo, so much of who we are is intertwined. And we wouldn’t change it for a second. However, as with all great pairs, we each bring our own unique strengths to the table and wanted our name to be reflective of our individual identities.

So there it was, right in front of us. Our birthdays. And just like that, over a glass of white wine – we found our name.

Meet The Team

Janet Longe

Janet Longe


My Beginning:
Originally from Albany, New York, I spent my childhood years tagging alongside my Dad to jobsites, watching architects, construction crews and designers hard at work. I watched as my Father, a founding partner of MLB Construction Services, LLC, built his dreams through bringing the dreams of others to life. As I grew older, my interest peaked more and before I knew it I’d found my passion.

In 2012, with my daughter by my side, I took the plunge and fulfilled a long-time dream of opening my own design studio and showroom.

My Design style:
Anything but one-note. I am consistently blending distinct styles and design genres within the same space to create unexpected, results. Thanks in part to my background, I have the ability to pairs colors, shapes and textures that are aesthetically pleasing, yet fresh.

My specialty?
I love to cultivate spaces that elevate the lives of my clients through residential design and custom furniture. But I never turn away a challenge so often find myself dabbling in the commercial arena.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies


My Beginning:
I originally started in the corporate world where I built a successful career with a fancy title. It didn’t take long to realize that 9-5 cubicle life wasn’t for me. I was ready to start a family and was looking for more. More what? I’m still not sure but knew I wouldn’t find it there.

After many long (I mean, long) talks with my husband and scheming plans with my Mom, I decided to face my fears and go after a larger dream. I joined my mom in business in 2012, two months later I was pregnant with my first child, and the rest is history. Needless to say I’ve found my more.

My Design Style:
For me, it’s all about making the design process personal—getting to know each client, understanding their needs and then delivering a great solution. I’d consider my style…but if at the end of the design process a client considers us friends, then my job is not only done, but done well.

My Specialty:
As the mom to two small boys, I love designing livable spaces that are relatively kid-proof while equally as eye pleasing.

Now that you know who we are,

learn about what we do.

130 Excelsior Ave
Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866

Store Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 10AM-5PM
Saturday: 10AM-4PM
Sunday – Monday: Closed